Ark gospel discograpy (1963-70)


Ark gospel

  • The Ark label operated from New York City and was connected to HOB (Scepter). Most sides seem to have been produced by John Bowden (HOB, Revelation, etc.).
  • Ark 148 has been released as by Charlie Baker and the Six Gospel Stars, and as by Charlie Baker and the Five Singing Stars (!). Check the scans.
  • Ark 164 by the Harris Family may have a different catalog number.
  • Ark 165 (Dynamic Specials) has number 166 on the reverse side. This appears to be a mistake. See scans.
  • It is unknown if the unnumbered release (by the Golden Travelers) is on the same Ark label.
  • This page lists all known Ark gospel 45’s and LP releases. No information on the missing numbers.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Ark 100 Austin, Jean He's Such A Friend b/w I Don't Have To Worry 1963
2Ark 101 Gospel Starlets of Brooklyn, NY He Sitting So High b/w He's A Mighty Good God 1963
3Ark 102 Sensational Six Wings Sensational Six Wings with Hattie Williams b/w Sensational Six Wings with Reba Jones Pray Change Things [sic] b/w He's My King 1963
4Ark 103 Brown Gospel Chorus, Reverend Leola Reverend Leola Brown Gospel Chorons Sending Up My Timber b/w Last Mile Of The Way 1963
5Ark 104 Williams and his Seven Saints, Bishop We Are Living In The Last Days Now b/w If It Wasn't For The Lord 1963
6Ark 105 Rising Echos My Work Will Be Done b/w Jesus Is Calling Me 1963
7Ark 106 Master Keys Jesus Is Calling b/w Up Today And Down Tomorrow 1963
8Ark 107 Gospel Starlets of Brooklyn, NY Leaning On His Promises b/w Never Grow Old 1963
9Ark 108 Young and the Flying Clouds, Dewey Dewey Young and Flying Clouds (I Heard) The Voice Of Jesus b/w Come And Go With Me 1963-64
10Ark 109 Cook and his Radio Gospel Chorus Of Enon Baptist Church, Rev. W.E. He's Coming Back Again b/w I'm On The Right Side 1963-64
11Ark 110 Campbell, Rev. Ben Bless Be His Name b/w Call Him 1963-64
12Ark 111 Sensational Six Wings Sensational Six Wings with Reba Jones Guide Me Jesus b/w Lord Hold My Hand 1963-64
13Ark 112 Brown Gospel Chorus, Reverend Leola Rev. Leola Brown Gospel Chorus Prayer Changes Things b/w What More Can My Jesus Do 1963-64
14Ark 113 Heavenly Echoes of East Orange, NJ I Found The Lord b/w If The Lord Had Woke Me 1963-65
15Ark 114 Gospel Starlets of Brooklyn, NY (I'm So Glad I Got) My Religion In Time b/w (I Want The Lord To) Hear My Prayer 1963-65
16Ark 116 Green Sisters of Baltimore, MD Rushing Mighty Wind b/w The Lord's Prayer 1963-65
17Ark 117 Institutional Gospel Singers of Middletown, Conn. Stand Not In My Way b/w There's a Time 1963-65
18Ark 118 Lane Relation Singers Lane Relation Singers of Philadelphia, PA He's So Close To Me b/w Moses And The Table Of The Law 1963-65
19Ark 121 Happy Travelers of Brooklyn, NY It's A Wonder What The Lord Can Do b/w Morning Train 1964-65
20Ark 122 Florida Robbins How Blessed You Are b/w There Are Days 1964-65
21Ark 123 Sensational Six Wings Six Wings of New York City Hear Us (Jesus) b/w Lambs Are Crying 1964-65
22Ark 126 Mighty Covington Gospel Singers of Brooklyn NY Must Jesus Bear the Cross b/w (Father) Help Me to Make It In 1965-66
23Ark 127 Florida Robbins I Got That Holy Ghost And Fire b/w We Are Our Heavenly Father's Children 1965-66
24Ark 129 Goodly and his Junior Hominizers, Bro. Only In Jesus We Find Rest b/w One of Those Mornings 1965-66
25Ark 130 Gospel Specials of NYC The Bible Tell Me So [sic] b/w What Is Pray [sic] 1965-66
26Ark 131 Voices Of Jordan of Charlotte, NC I Found The Lord b/w Ain't It A Shame 1965-66
27Ark 132 Mellotones of NYC Sent Me b/w I Love To Call His Name 1965-66
28Ark 133 Harley, Lucille Lucille Harley of Brooklyn, NY I Can't Forget Him b/w It's Real 1965-66
29Ark 134 Baker, Charlie Charlie Baker and Six Gospel Stars of Brooklyn, NY Old Time Religion b/w Come Go With Me 1965-66
30Ark 135 Converters of the Bronx, NY Live Like The Lord Say Live b/w I Know The Time 1965-66
31Ark 136 Israelite Gospel Singers Blind Bonimus b/w By Chilly Jordan 1965-66
32Ark 138 Silver Light Gospel Singers You’ve Got To Move b/w Trouble Don’t Last Always 1965-66
33Ark 139 Might Gospel Revelators Every Year Carries A Number b/w End Of My Journey 1965-66
34Ark 140 Lampy, Luvenia The Will Of The Lord b/w Don't You Hear Him Calling 1965-66
35Ark 143 Lunenberg Travelers I Know A Man b/w How To Reach The Message 1965-66
36Ark 144 Chosen Eagles Lift Your Voices And Sing b/w Made It Over 1965-66
37Ark 145 Southern Stars Tell Jesus b/w Mother's Cry 1965-66
38Ark 146 Sensational Six Wings Six Wings of NYC Doctor Jesus b/w I'm Your Child 1965-66
39Ark 147 Harris Family Jesus Died (For You And Me) b/w He's Everything To Me 1965-66
40Ark 148 Baker, Charlie Charlie Baker and the Six Gospel Stars or Charlie Baker and the Five Singing Stars I Made It Over b/w Calvary 1965-66
41Ark 149 Mighty Gospel Travelers Lead Me, Guide Me b/w I Shall Not Be Moved 1965-66
42Ark 150 F.B.H. Sensationals Heaven Is Mine b/w He's Keeping You 1965-66
43Ark 152 Sensational Gospel Wings Trouble About My Soul b/w What Could I Do 1965-66
44Ark 153 Hillard, Anthony I Can’t Do Anything Without God b/w God Is Everything To Me 1965-66
45Ark 154 Bibletone Gospel Singers Orig. Bibletone of Boston, Mass. Build Me A Cabin b/w Lead Me 1965-66
46Ark 154 (?) Bigelow, Rev. W.T. Morning Prayer b/w Evening Prayer 1965-66
47Ark 155 Young Adult Choir of Paradise Baptist Church of NYC My Body Belongs To God b/w Thank You Lord 1966-67
48Ark 156 Sons of David of Boston, Mass. Old Time Religion b/w Jesus Loves Me 1966-67
49Ark 159 Gospel Tornators Lord Want You Search My Heart b/w I've Got A New Name Over In Zion 1966-67
50Ark 162 Famous Metropolitans We Need Him b/w I've Got Jesus 1966-67
51Ark 163 Sensational Spiritualaires It's So Good To Be Alone With The Lord b/w Then I'll See Jesus 1967
52Ark 164 Magic City Gospel Singers Lord Help My Boy, Pt. 1 b/w Lord Help My Boy, Pt. 2 1969-70
53Ark 164 (?) Harris Family Jesus Died (For You And Me) b/w He’s Everything To Me 1967
54Ark 165-6 Dynamic Specials of NYC King Jesus b/w Come On And Work 1967
55Ark 166 Johnsonettes of Princess Anne, MD He’ll Never Let Go Of My Hand b/w What A Mighty God We Serve 1967-68
56Ark 168 Swan Silver Airs Yes, God Is Real b/w Heaven Is A Beautiful Place 1967-68
57Ark 169 Sensational Twilight of Brooklyn, NY He's Real b/w I Promised The Lord 1967-68
58Ark 170 Wilder of Lumberton City, GA, Mr. Samuel The Old Time Religion b/w It Cost My Life 1967-78
59Ark 171 Carruth's the Young Peoples Choir of the Holylight Church of Deliverance, Rev. S.L. Let Thine Will Be Done b/w I'm Going Through 1967-68
60Ark 172 Wearyland Singers of Corona, LI Wearyland Singer of Corona, LI Remember Me b/w Keep A Lamp Burning 1967-68
61Ark 174 First Church of God in Christ Glee Club, Brooklyn, NY He Touched Me b/w Search Me 1967-68
62Ark 175 Harley, Lucille Lucille Harley and the Choralettes of Evergreen First Church of God in Christ, Brooklyn, NY I Was Lost b/w I Can't Forget 1967-68
63Ark 176 People's United Choir Stand By Me b/w United We Stand 1967-68
64Ark 178 Dynamic Voices of Joy God Bless You Mother b/w You're Worthy 1968-69
65Ark 179 Southern Gates of Wilmington, Del. Send It On Down b/w Rock Of Ages 1968-69
66Ark 180 Mighty Chords of Joy of Amityville LI, NY Need Nobody But The Lord b/w Oh Lord My God 1969-70
67Ark 181 Rhett of New York City, NY, Jackie Come See About Me b/w I Trust In God 1969-70
68Ark 182 Gospel Crusaders of Paterson, NJ Gospel Crusader of Paterson, NJ Sinner Man b/w Get A Little Closer 1969-70
69Ark 183 Jones with Mighty Gospel Travelers, Rev. R.D. Praying time b/w Ambelechee 1969-70
70Ark 184 Moorhead, Verma L. Marvelous Are Thy Works b/w Dear Lord Forgive 1969-70
71Ark 185 Mighty Gospel Travelers Mighty Gospel Travelers of NYC Save Me Jesus b/w Walk Around Heaven 1969-70
72Ark 187 Moore and the Young Christians Of Evangel Temple, Rev. James L. Never Forget The Lord b/w Heart To Heart Talk 1969-70
73Ark (?) Golden Travelers Been In The Storm So Long b/w Let Jesus Fix It For You 196?
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Ark LP 101 Evangelist Ernestine Cleveland Reems O Lord Please Use Me 196?
2Ark LP 103 Davis, Prof. James Prof. James Davis and the Cloud-Davis Specials He Will Provide c. 1970
3Ark LP 104 Holy Trinity Ensemble I Belong To Him 1972