Choice gospel discography (c. 1960-70)


Choice gospel

  • Read a short label introduction here.
  • All missing numbers in the listing are secular, except for #52, which is an unknown release.
  • Brothers McGhee and Terry (Choice 7) are Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry who mainly recorded blues (also on Choice).
  • Choice 53 by the Gospel Clefs features cover versions of songs originally written and recorded by the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel in 1969-70. So, Choice 53 must be from 1970 or later, which is odd as it makes a gap of 7 (or more) years with the previous issues.
  • Choice LP 101 may have been released with number 501 as well.
  • Choice LP 506 and 510 (both by the Rasberry Singers) have been reissued on Savoy (LP’s 14080 and 14087 resp.).
  • This page lists all known Choice gospel 45’s and LP’s, plus one EP.



45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Choice 3Brainard Gospel SingersHelp Me To Pray b/w Running To See My King1960
Choice 4PropheteersHe's Mine, He's Mine b/w I Resolve1960
Choice 6Southern Larks of Savannah, GABlessed Jesus b/w All God's Children Got Shoes1960
Choice 7Brothers McGhee and TerryI'm Gonna Tell God b/w Study War No More1960
Choice 8Ingram Gospel Singers of Trenton, NJTake Time To Be Holy b/w Listening For My Name1960
Choice 9Rolling Stone Quintet of Aiken, SCSlow Down b/w I Want To Know1960
Choice 11Whispering Spirits of Baltimore, MDLiving In Heaven b/w Jesus Is On The Mainline1960
Choice 12Sunset Travelers of Miami, FloridaMother Won't Be Back b/w My Testimony 1960-61
Choice 13King Star Quintet of Greensboro, NCI Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray b/w Lord I'm On My Way1960-61
Choice 16Airs of Harmony of Kalamazoo, Mich.I Can't Feel At Home b/w God Walked With Moses1961
Choice 17JordanettesThe Bells Were Ringing b/w Walk With Christ1961
Choice 18Belles of Trenton, NJHear The Word (Dry Bones) b/w Troubled In My Soul1961
Choice 19Sensational Skylights of Trenton, NJ No More Tomorrow b/w Tell Mother1961
Choice 21Spotlight Jubilairs of Trenton, NJThe Last Mile Of The Way b/w I'll Keep On Singin'1961
Choice 22Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry and the Rasberry SingersDeliverance Will Come b/w No Condemnation1961
Choice 23Bradford, AlexProf. Alex BradfordJesus Keep Me Near The Cross b/w Hold Out1961
Choice 24Drinkard SingersMy Faith Looks Up b/w You Can't Make Me Doubt Him1962
Choice 25Psalms of Grace of Los Angeles, Cal.I've Got To See Jesus b/w See How They Done My Lord1962
Choice 26Bradford, AlexProf. Alex Bradford and the Bradford SingersI've Been Dipped b/w Jesus Supplies Me Every Need1962
Choice 27Rasberry Singers?Pray When Everything Goes Wrong b/w We've Come This Far By Faith1962
Choice 28Ingram Gospel Singers of Trenton, NJWill You Be Ready To Answer b/w Jesus Lifted Me1962
Choice 29Belles of Trenton, NJWonderful Is His Name b/w Everyday, Everyday1963
Choice 30Drinkard Singers Do You Love Him b/w Holding The Savior's Hand1963
Choice 31Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry and the Rasberry SingersNo More b/w Without God I Could Do Nothing1963
Choice 32SavettesThinking Of A Friend b/w Just Make It In1963
Choice 33Spotlight Jubilairs of Trenton, NJ Anyhow Lord b/w That's Why I Pray1963
Choice 34Bradford, AlexProf. Alex Bradford and the Bradford Singers (?)It Is Well (In My Soul) b/w I Found The Answer1963
Choice 35Sunset Travelers of Miami, FloridaHave You Got It b/w My Life Been Wrecked1963
Choice 36Drinkard SingersJoy Unspeakable b/w Out Of The Depths1963
Choice 37Rasberry Singers?You'll Never Be Left To Walk Alone b/w Run On To Jesus1963
Choice 38Belles of Trenton, NJ I'm Tired Lord b/w This May Be My Last Time1963
Choice 39Cleveland All StarsI'll Go b/w Look The Place Over1963
Choice 41GospelettesA Great Change b/w Keep Looking Up1963
Choice 42Soul SeekersSoul Seekers of New OrleansWhat A Friend b/w Precious Lord1963
Choice 43SavettesI've Worked Too Hard b/w We Shall Overcome1963
Choice 44Gospel Tornadoes of Kalamazoo, MIWalk In b/w When The Spirit Came1963
Choice 45SavettesTrust Jesus b/w I'm Going Through1963
Choice 46Jersey All StarsHezekiah b/w I Call Jesus1963
Choice 48Whispering Spirits of Baltimore, MDStanding b/w Hard To Find A Friend1963
Choice 53Gospel Clefs Let It Be b/w Bridge Over Troubled Water1970?
Choice 54JordanettesCall Him b/w Prayer Is The Answer197?


EP release:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Choice EP 2Tomlin Choirno title1960


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Choice LP 101Tomlin ChoirThis Is My Music1960
Choice LP 502VariousAll God's Children Got Shoesc. 1960
Choice LP 504VariousLord, I Couldn't Hear Nobody Prayc. 1961
Choice LP 506Rasberry SingersDeliverance Will Comec. 1961-62
Choice LP 507Bradford, AlexProf. Alex BradfordJesus Keep Me Near The Crossc. 1961-62
Choice LP 508Drinkard SingersYield Not To Temptationc. 1961-62
Choice LP 510Rasberry SingersMy Road Won’t Be Rough And Rockyc. 1962
Choice LP 511Sunset Travelers of Miami, FloridaOh Lord! Come By Here!c. 1962-63
Choice LP 512SavettesMercy!c. 1962-63
Choice LP 513Drinkard SingersJoy Unspeakablec. 1962-63
Choice LP 514SavettesTrust Jesusc. 1962-63
Choice LP 516Soul SeekersSongs For My Motherc. 1962-63
Choice LP 518SavettesThe Latest Savettesc. 1962-63