Fine gospel discography (1962-1976)


Fine gospel

  • Fine was a label from Rochester, NY, founded by Vince Jan, who also was the label’s proprietor.
  • Related labels which had gospel releases include Tone, In, F.C.D. and Queen City.
  • The remainders of the studio, which had been active from 1947 to 1977 and later suffered both fire and flood damage, were purchased by Mark Taylor from Australia. Mark’s website has been been very helpful in creating this page, but it’s now defunct.
  • Between 1962 and 1976 some 17 gospel 45’s were issued on Fine and even though most were issued in the 1970’s, all are listed below.
  • See this post for more information on Joe L. Carter and the Pilgrim Gospel Singers. Fine 5731 was formerly supposed to be from 1957, but Joe Carter organized the Pilgrim Gospel Singers in the late 1960’s (1966/67).
  • This page lists all known Fine gospel singles.



45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Fine 862Royal Harmonier SingersPeace In The Valley b/w I Want To Know1962
Fine 5731Carter and the Pilgrim Gospel Singers, JoeWhen I Call Mother, Pt 1 b/w When I Call Mother, Pt 2c. 1967
Fine 6701Bible Aires Spiritual SingersHow He Died On Calvary b/w You Better Get Ready1967
Fine 769B.C. HarmonizersYou Ought To Been There b/w There Will Be No More Tomorrow1969
Fine 3702Full Gospel FellowshipYes, Jesus Loves Me b/w I Was Glad1970
Fine 6703Radio Gospel KingsI Found Jesus b/w Glad News1970
Fine 77010Bright CloudsCertainly Lord! b/w Someone Is Knocking At Your Door1970
Fine 67114Traveling SixHe's Alright! b/w What He Done For Me1971
Fine 47110Sons of DavidThere's A Man Taking Names b/w My Work Will Be Done1971
Fine 1715Spiritual JubilatorsNo Graves b/w Precious Lord1971
Fine 726Gospel Tone Spiritual SingersGospel Tones Spiritual SingersMoses b/w Sinner Man1972
Fine 1073Gospel Hi-LitesEase My Troublin' Mind b/w Too Far To Turn Around1973
Fine 735Gospel Tone Spiritual SingersWhat Manner Of Man Is This? b/w Where Could I Go, But To The Lord1973
Fine 749Modernaires Singers, J.J. and J.My Life Will Be Sweeter b/w Servant Of The Lord1974
Fine 752PentecostelairesMake Me Humble b/w The Lord Is Ever Near1975
Fine 7510A.M.C. Male ChorusHe's Sweet I Know b/w Is God Satisfied With Me?1975
Fine 176Inspirational Gospel SingersThe Same Thing It Took b/w I Feel The Spirit1976