– Checker LP scans

LP’s are a lot of work to scan, but info and scans have been added for the early Checker LP’s until #10015. So far, most LP’s are in my collection and then front cover, back cover and both labels are shown, else only the front cover is shown, that is: if I can find a good enough picture. So far, I have (Checker LP’s 10007, 10014 and 10015). I once owned #10009 (both first and second pressing) but didn’t scan them completely. Thus, incomplete sets are given for Checker 10009.

– Checker scans

Many Checker label scans have been added and it’s as complete as can be, except for the LP’s. The LP’s are next. Thanks to Per Notini for the help.

– Scans and more scans

I have been adding scans to the Checker discography today, including scans of several original issues of records that were re-released on Checker. Apart from that, new images were added to the Atlantic and Ark discographies. Atlantic: 903, 929, LP 002, LP 7302; Ark: LP 101.

– Carrie & Chance

Today, images were added for the Carrie and Chance discographies, and info and images for Atlantic LP 2-906 (Aretha Franklin). I’ve down sized the Carrie discography; the 1970’s and 1980’s are no longer presented, as I consider the Carrie issues of these decades of less interest for this website.