– Mighty Clouds on Proverb

Proverb and its affiliated labels still have a few mysteries and unknown issues and every once in a while something new pops up. A few weeks ago I found a copy of Proverb 103 by the Mighty, Mighty Clouds of Joy and though the songs are known from HOB LP 288 (“Swing Down Chariot”) and Proverb 1023 (“Jesus Is Real”), this original release was unknown. In fact I’m not even sure if the known versions are exactly the same as what’s featured on this early Proverb 45. Since HOB LP 288 was probably a reissue of Proverb LP 100 (with overdubs added), “Swing Down Chariot” may also be present on LP #100. However, a confusing detail is the reference (on the labels of this 45) to LP 102, titled “Gospel Varieties” – an other unknown album. “Gospel Varieties” appears to be a compilation album and “Swing Down Chariot” could be featured on both LP’s (#100 and #102).