– Table plugin replacement

Much to my annoyance I had to replace the outdated table plugin I used by a new one, which leaves me with hundreds of tables needing to be updated manually, at least partly. As I write this, the discographies until halfway Apollo are back up again although the LP pages in these discographies still need to be worked on. This is going to take me months, I’m afraid. WordPress gives a nice workspace for building websites, but you have to be careful with the plugins you use, as some are just given up upon. For good reasons probably, but the lack of updates makes the plugin vulnerable and thus your website…

– New CD-r: 38 Gospel Tracks

This CD-r has been on the shelves for over two years as it was meant for the “Soul Don’t Worry” CD project (Narroway) but remained virtually unused. I decided to make this fine collection of gospel movers available for purchase and download. Click on the image below to see all details and to listen to two MP3 files.