– Unknown Gospel Corner 45

gospelcorner103a-300After discussing Gospel Corner 108 (listed in many discographies as #103, see below and also check the notes in the Gospel Corner discography), I found a copy of the correct #103 (black labels, no mention of Proverb Records). The artist is Rev. Clinton Moore and the tracks are titled “God Specializes” (Pt. 1) and “God Specializes” (Pt. 2). Both are recorded live in the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, MI, which is the same church were Aretha Franklin was recorded in 1956 (see this post). This Rev. Moore 45 was probably released in 1965 and the recording date must be from around the same time (1964-65). This fills another gap in the Gospel Corner discography as this 45 was not listed anywhere else, as far as I know. The labels mention the LP “The Brighter Day”, which is an otherwise unknown album. Among several other records by Rev. Clinton Moore, there were two 45’s released on the related Proverb label and both of these 45’s also mention albums which are otherwise unknown. So, there are still some mysteries to uncover.

Gospel Corner 108 (Brother Henderson) is definitely not #103. I found a copy of that one too. The numbers on the labels are kinda vague (see enlarged detail below), but ‘108’ seems most likely to me. Further more, the dead wax shows number 108, which corresponds with the other details: green labels (not black as used for the early Gospel Corner 45’s) and mentioning Proverb Records. It must be said though that #107 (Rev. James Robbins) and #108 (Page-Ettes) do have black labels and also mention Proverb; these 45’s mark the transition from the early black issues to the successive green labeled issues. Gospel Corner 108 by Brother Henderson was released a little later than #108 by the Page-Ettes.

Scans of both #103 and #108 have been added to the Gospel Corner discography today.