– Christian Travelers

christian-travelersAccording to the back cover text of Kent Gospel LP 576, the Christian Travelers were formed in 1949. They origin from St. Louis, MO. Their first recording session was for Peacock in c. May 1953. Peacock 1715 (“Well Done” and “Make More Room For Jesus In Your Life”) was their first release. It was followed by Peacock 1737 (“Only A Pilgrim” and “Oh What A Savior”), which was recorded at the second session they did for the Peacock label, in c. August 1954. After these initial recordings, the group remained active (they worked with Rev. Cleophus Robinson and Josephine James), but they didn’t record again until the late 1960’s. The Norman label, from St. Louis, released two 45’s by the group, after which they were brought to the attention of Brother Henderson. An LP was the result of this collaboration, which was released on Kent Gospel in the early 1970’s (Kent LP 576). The third man on the right on the photo shown (which comes from the Kent LP) is identified as James Wafer, who was a member of the Pilgrim Travelers during their Proverb days. With the demise of Brother Henderson in 1973, all activities for the Kent Gospel label came to an end and the Travelers had to travel on. During the 1970’s several 45’s were released on tiny labels such as Redi-Soul, Zudan, Mega and Randy’s Spiritual Record Co.

I’ve added scans of Kent LP 576 today, plus several more scans of 45’s released on Savoy’s Gospel label.