– Violinaires: Checker 10045

This was the sixth album by the Violinaires on the Checker label (and also their sixth in general). The group then included Isaiah Jones, Robert Wilson, Robert Blair, James McCurdy and James Byers. Interesting release by one of the legendary gospel groups. I’ve added images and details today; click on the image below to see it all.


– Soul Stirrers: Checker 10038

This morning I added scans and details for Checker LP 10038 by the Soul Stirrers. On this album, recorded in December 1967, the Souls Stirrers were accompanied by the Harold Smith Majestic Choir. The album features “Why Am I Treated So Bad”, written by Roebuck Staples, which probably is the highlight of the album. The Staple Singers recorded it for Epic in 1966 as “Why? (Am I Treated So Bad)”.

The Soul Stirrers recorded intensively for Checker from 1965 to 1970/71, this being their fourth album for the label.

Click on the image below to go to the album page.


– Salem Travelers: Checker 10052

Added today: scans and details for Checker LP 10052 by the Salem Travelers. Another legendary group which recorded for the Checker label. The Salem Travelers started recording for the Ha-Lo/Halo labels in 1963 and moved to Checker in 1967-1968 where they stayed until c. 1972. This was their second LP, from 1968.

I also started to add scans to the Hollywood discography.



– Soul Stirrers: Checker 10056

Added today are details and images of Checker LP 10056 by the Soul Stirrers. The album was recorded in March 1969 and in the group then were Rufus Crume, Arthur Crume, Jesse Farley, Willie Rogers and Martin Jacox. A good album, not too exciting but it sure has its moments. “Blowin’ In The Wind” is an unnecessary addition, as far as I’m concerned. Click on the image below to go to the album page.

I also added images and details on the reissue version of Proverb LP 501 by the Los Angeles Angels. I added the original version a couple of days ago.


– Gene Viale: Checker 10054

Gene Viale was a latin soul singer, and included in the discography for reasons of completeness. He was associated with James Cleveland and sang with the James Cleveland Singers. The Checker album featured the first recordings of his own and a couple more albums followed in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Gene Viale died in 2011. Read more about this artist on the Golden Era Gospel Blog. Click on the image below for album details and images.


– Los Angeles Angels

All recordings made by Los Angeles Angels were released on Brother Henderson’s Proverb label. They had one LP which was released twice in 2-3 years time. The reissue version was made and distributed by Kent Gospel Records. The same thing happened with Proverb LP 500 (Willie Cotton) and LP 503 (Watts Community Choir). LP 502 (Pilgrim Travelers) remains a little mystery as only the Kent Gospel version is known to exist.

Today I received my copy of the first version of the Los Angeles Angels LP and I decided to scan it right away. Click on the image below to see all details.


– Hosanna scans

Apart from adding information on Hosanna LP 1522 by the Texas Northeast Gospel Choral Ensemble (see previous post), I also added many 45rpm scans to the Hosanna discography.

– TX NE Gospel Choral Ensemble

Recently, I found two albums by the Texas Northeast Gospel Choral Ensemble. The reason to buy these albums was the Hosanna label, on which the second one was released, the first being a custom release. Click on the images below to see the LP pages.