– Sybil Johnson Singers

Added today are scans and sound files for Ram 77530 by the Sybil Johnson Singers (c. 1957). I received these files from Alton and Margaret Warwick, through Dominique Anglares. The 78 was first featured on my recordconnexion website where the audio was available as download of the month (Feb. 2014).

This 78rpm record can be considered a real rarity and it’s probably the only 78rpm record ever released by Ram Records. Little to nothing is known about the Sybil Johnson Singers, except that they were a Shreveport group and Sybil Johnson seems to have played piano on Linda Brannon’s “I Shall Not Be Moved” (unreleased). Linda Brennon was a white female pop, country and rockabilly singer, who recorded for Ram, Philips and Epic.

Also added today are scans for Queen 4138, 4139, 4154, 4156, 4163 ans 4173 (all kindly sent to me by Per Notini).