– Latest additions

I have done too little over the last few months. Hopefully it will be better in the next few weeks! In the last few days I made a start by adding some information and scans to the website:

  • Scans for Specialty LP 2107 (Original Gospel Harmonettes);
  • Scans for Kent LP 569 (Corder Family);
  • Information (no scans) added to the Clar-Walk discography (#575: Southwest Quartet Of New York City);
  • Information changed on the Ark 45 by the Bibletone Gospel Singers; the correct label number appears to be #154 (not #171). I have no scans, but I’ve seen xeroxed label shots;
  • Scans for M.B.K. 106 (Helen Henderson); this 45 was also released on Proverb 1025;
  • Scans for Nashboro 814 (Silver Bells);
  • Scans for Chess 1657 (Pilgrim Harmonaires)

To be continued…

– Mighty Clouds on Proverb

Proverb and its affiliated labels still have a few mysteries and unknown issues and every once in a while something new pops up. A few weeks ago I found a copy of Proverb 103 by the Mighty, Mighty Clouds of Joy and though the songs are known from HOB LP 288 (“Swing Down Chariot”) and Proverb 1023 (“Jesus Is Real”), this original release was unknown. In fact I’m not even sure if the known versions are exactly the same as what’s featured on this early Proverb 45. Since HOB LP 288 was probably a reissue of Proverb LP 100 (with overdubs added), “Swing Down Chariot” may also be present on LP #100. However, a confusing detail is the reference (on the labels of this 45) to LP 102, titled “Gospel Varieties” – an other unknown album. “Gospel Varieties” appears to be a compilation album and “Swing Down Chariot” could be featured on both LP’s (#100 and #102).


– Gospel Corner LP 500

Yesterday, I’ve added scans and information for the first release of Gospel Corner LP 500 by Prince Dixon (“The Small One” Prince Dixon). It was probably released in 1970 and then re-released in 1971-72 as “Something Is Wrong” (dist. by Kent Records). The re-release has a slightly different cover and some changes in the song selection. The back cover of the original album shows Brother Henderson as DJ for XERB radio, and the text explains “20 year radio pioneer in Gospel Field”. Wikipedia states that “in the late 1940s he renounced his past and began broadcasting as a minister and gospel music disc jockey”. This appears to be inaccurate as other sources mention 1955 as the year of his conversion. Fact is that Henderson recorded secular material until 1953 (he recorded in the 1940’s and 1950’s as Duke Henderson, Studs Henderson and Big Duke). However, it’s probably true that Henderson was a DJ in the late 40’s and the notes of Delmark CD 668 (Duke Henderson: “Get Your Kicks”) say that, in the early 50’s, he played both gospel and secular material on his shows, though explicitly separated from each other.

Other than the above, I have recently added scans for Avant 053, 055, Checker 5063, Choice 36, Gospel Recording Co. 386, 589, 590, and King Solomon 1020. Most of these were kindly sent to me by Per Notini.

– Nashboro LP 7023

Today I added scans for Nashboro LP 7023 by the Gospel Clouds of Joy. The Gospel Clouds were a male group that came under contract of Nashboro after their initial release for the Rush label (#2705). They stayed with Nashboro probably until 1966 and after a gap of several years they recorded again in the 1970’s for the Big J label. A final album was released on the HSE label in c. 1981.


– Tru-Sound LP 60005

Today, I’ve added images for Tru-Sound LP 60005 by the Pentacostal Choir of Detroit, Michigan. The choir director was Columbus Mann, who recorded an album with this choir for Tamla in 1961. It’s another Ozzie Cadena production. The cover only mentions Prestige with the number given as GSP-60005, but the labels show the Tru-Sound logo with number TRU-60005. There could be a second version of this album with Prestige labels.

Other scans added recently: Bounty 5594, Regent 216 and 226, Revelation 112, Rush 609, Savoy 4227, Sharp 625 and Sullivan 300.