– Bro. C.O. Badgett ♫

Bro. C.O. Badgett (Cortelyou Badgett) had one originally released 45 and another track (“Nobody But You Lord”, c. 1954) appeared as a bonus track on the Badgett Sisters’ (cassette?) release, called “Just A Little While To Stay Here”. The Badgett Sisters where Brother Badgett’s daughters. So, Brother Badgett’s discography is very limited, though there could be more unknown recordings of course. You never know. That one 45 was released on Gospel Recording 233 in c. 1959-61 and featured the songs “What A Time” and “Stumbling Over My Life”. I never paid attention to this 45, but I did so recently and decided to offer the first title on the website for you to listen to. It’s a remarkable performance. As can be seen on the labels, Brother Badgett is described as “The Amazing One Man Quartett”, so it’s just him with his own vocals overdubbed. George Curry comes to mind, another one man quartet, who recorded gospel for Ebony, Elko, Phoenix and his own Currytone label. Badgett’s track is a bit monotonous, but has a certain charm nevertheless. Give it a listen below. For more information on the Badgett family, read this.