Gospel Recording Co. LP 1387

Voices Of Shiloh: Standing On The Promises (c. 1967)


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A1Standing On The Promisesc. 1967
A2If Jesus Goes With Mec. 1967
A3Revive Us Once Againc. 1967
A4Someone Caresc. 1967
A5The Stormy Deepc. 1967
B1Whispers Sweet Peacec. 1967
B2God Is Everythingc. 1967
B3Have Thy Own Wayc. 1967
B4Keep The Fire Burningc. 1967
B5No One Can But Jesusc. 1967



  • The Voice Of Shiloh were organized in 1957 and the cover mentions 1967 as the current year (see second image, at the bottom left/right).
  • “Have Thy Own Way” as “Have Thine Own Way” on the labels.
  • There were no singles drawn from this album.