– More scans

In the last few days I added 60+ scans to the website. Some came from Per Notini, some more from the internet. Most scans were new, some replaced previous scans (because they were better looking) and there were a few previous unknown releases as well. Probably the most interesting of these was an EP on Friendly by the Gospel Lights (better known as the Gospel Light Singers). Remarkable was a different release of Ark 148; shown already was a version credited to Charlie Baker and the Six Gospel Stars, but on the internet appeared a version credited to Charlie Baker and the Five Singing Stars.

Here’s a full list of what’s new:

Ark (138, 145, 146, 148, 164, 165/66, 184)

Avant (053, 094, 101)

Chance (5005)

Choice (18)

Deluxe (1157)

Fine (176)

Friendly (EP 1192)

Golgotha (109, 144, 170, 177)

Gotham (633, 650, 730)

GRC (515)

Hosanna (1004, 1013, 1519, 1529, 8020, 9009)

King Solomon (1006, 1016)

Manor (1094, 1102)


And a couple of weeks ago, I added scans for the Lloyds, Manor and Message discographies, as part of the ongoing move of images from my old website to this new one. Forgot to mention it in a post earlier.