– Choice update (LP scans, etc.)

In the last few days I’ve added new images to the Choice discography: a few 45’s (22, 26, 31, 53) and LP’s (101, 506, 507, 508, 512, 514, 516). With the LP scans came the song listings and other details. Most interesting detail is the mention of Tru-Sound on the labels of Choice LP 514 (Savettes). It says “TRU-60014”, most likey referring to Tru-Sound LP 60014. Tru-Sound only released albums until #60007 (60007 was actually released by Prestige, the parent label of Tru-Sound). This Savettes albums was probably intended for release on Tru-Sound when the label was still active, and one may assume that numbers 60008 – 60013 were granted as well. Maybe one day I’ll find out more about it. As far as I know, on the labels of other Choice LP’s there’s no mention of Tru-Sound.

Also added, a few days ago, are scans for the Meteor label discography (two gospel issues).