– Willing Four: Checker 10039

Today I’ve added scans and details for Checker LP 10039 by the Willing Four. This group appears not to be connected to the one that recorded for the Regis/Manor labels in 1944 (Regis 115, Manor 1069). The Checker recordings were their first recordings apart from an acetate (Jesus Is With Me b/w You Don’t Know How Blessed You Are) that was made a few years earlier (the acetate likely features the same group, but that needs to be confirmed).

At the time, the group consisted of Isaiah Beene, Willie Ervin, George Hudson, Rev. James McClain, Henry Sutton, Bonnie Epps, James Adair, Dale Sutton and Sylvester Beene (from the back cover).

As for the cover art (Judith Friedman), this must be one of the worst looking albums in the Checker gospel catalogue. The album itself is worth checking though.

The Willing Four continued to record for Jewel and one 45 appeared on the HSE label.

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