– Ruby Hooks

Although this website focuses on the pre-1970 years, exceptions are being made in a few cases. Ruby Hooks’ sole album called “The Devil Can Do Me No Harm” (c. 1979) is such an exception and it has been available as a CD-r (and download) through my old website for a long time. It’s offered on bless-this-soul as well. If you’re interested, check the for sale page.

The album features a fine bluesy gospel style and I have always been charmed by Ruby Hooks’ voice, which is expressive and somewhat melancholic. From the photo on the front cover of the album it seems that she was pretty young when she recorded this album and one may wonder what became of her and her vocal abilities in the years that followed. As no follow-up is known to exist, we can only guess. I hope some day additional information will become available.

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