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(the songs of Nashboro 555 can be listened to at the end of this post)

The Blair Gospel Singers only had a short career, at least on record. The group (from Evansville, Indiana) probably started in the mid-1940’s, but first recorded in 1952-53 for Ernie Young’s Nashboro label. Five discs were released: #520, 530, 532, 542 and 555; the latter being recorded in late 1954 probably, and released in 1955. After that, nothing was heard anymore from the Pullom family (probably brothers E.C. Pullom, L.B. Pullom, W.E. Pullom) and J.B. Blair. Joe Hinton, who’s name is given on Nashboro 530 and on a 1970’s reissue of Nashboro 555 (see the end of this post) was probably also a member of this group. He joined later, as he’s not pictured or mentioned in the advertisements below and may have been present on some or all Nashboro recordings. Joe Hinton, who probably was an Evansville, Indiana native, had an impressive career in gospel  and soul. He was a member of the Spirit Of Memphis (c. 1956-58) and probably also sang with the Chosen Gospel Singers. As a soul singer he had a couple of hit records on Back Beat (a Peacock subsidiary).

On the internet I found two advertisements for this group:

(source: Howard University – https://dh.howard.edu/bowman_images/53/)

Five gentlemen are shown is these pictures. Above, the the fifth gentleman is E.W. Williams, the manager of the group. I’m not sure he was pictured below as well, nor do I know if he sang with the group. He may have been the manager only (it’s what the text above suggests). His name is not mentioned in the Gospel Discography. The above picture must be from 1946 or slightly earlier. Their “theme song”, called “I Am On My Way” (see bottom right) was not recorded for Nashboro.


(source: Smithsonian – https://nmaahc.si.edu/object/nmaahc_2014.63.102.24)

The advertisement above shows three song titles (“Everybody Talking ‘Bout That Atomic Bomb”, “Jesus Gave Me Water” and “I’m Going To Tell God”), none of which were recorded for Nashboro. This one’s probably from the 1940’s as well. A Texas address is given at the bottom, for minister Aaron Kirksey, the group’s agent at the time.





On a 1970’s reissue of Nashboro 555, the label for “Waiting For The Lord” says “lead singer: the late Joe Hinton”:

(source: Discogs)


If there’s more information on the Blair Gosopel Singers, I’d love to hear about it!