– Welcome to bless-this-soul.com!

It was somewhere in 2004 that I started the recordconnexion.nl website. With motivation going up and down, but never absent, the website grew into some kind of database supplying many discographical details and images. A couple of years now I’ve been thinking that a major update of the website would do it good and I finally made the step earlier this year. I decided to build a new website, with new looks and all data checked and expanded. That means that many typos and mistakes were corrected, new data was added and the discographies were completed with LP listings where applicable. Along the way I added a few new discographies as well (Fine Art, Kent, Planet).

And it’s not finished yet… not by far!

I decided to publish the new website now, but it’s not finished yet. In fact most work still needs to be done. The label discographies are done except for the label scans (I need to add tons of scans!) and other than that I’ll have to add artist discographies, galleries and so on. Both websites will coexist for some time and I hope that each week will make the new website better and the old one more unnecessary. When a part is finished, the old website will show a link instead of the information as it was.

Now I hope this is all to your liking and that the transformation process will evolve well. Drop me a line if you feel like it or send a little donation. That would be very much appreciated. I spent so many hours on this project that it could have been a “real” job, which is what I currently don’t have. Also, I want to keep the website ad-free. It’s a labor of love and in no way a commercial enterprise for third parties. It’s free to everybody and nobody will be seduced into anything except, hopefully, the charm and power of black gospel music!