– Latest additions

I have done too little over the last few months. Hopefully it will be better in the next few weeks! In the last few days I made a start by adding some information and scans to the website:

  • Scans for Specialty LP 2107 (Original Gospel Harmonettes);
  • Scans for Kent LP 569 (Corder Family);
  • Information (no scans) added to the Clar-Walk discography (#575: Southwest Quartet Of New York City);
  • Information changed on the Ark 45 by the Bibletone Gospel Singers; the correct label number appears to be #154 (not #171). I have no scans, but I’ve seen xeroxed label shots;
  • Scans for M.B.K. 106 (Helen Henderson); this 45 was also released on Proverb 1025;
  • Scans for Nashboro 814 (Silver Bells);
  • Scans for Chess 1657 (Pilgrim Harmonaires)

To be continued…