– Clara Ward

It’s been too long! I have been busy with work and loads of other things and couldn’t find the time or inspiration to work much on the website. This evening I have updated the Elko discography as Elko 918, credited to Sister Christine, is actually by Clara Ward/Clara Ward and the Ward Sisters. The recordings were first issued on BBS 1002. Images of both the Elko and the BBS discs are included (check the note on the Elko 918 page and click on the link to see BBS 1002).

I also added a 10-inch album by the Ward Singers to the Savoy discography. This obscurity was offered on eBay recently (too bad, I forgot to make a bid). The catalog number of this record is 15057 and it was released in 1955, so prior to the 14000 series (which started in 1956).