– The Bibletones

gospel3018-1-350The Bibletones of Buffalo, NY were discovered by Jimmy Lyons of W.U.F.O., who brought them to Savoy’s Gospel label. In January 1962, the Bibletones recorded their first session which resulted in four songs. They returned to the studio in August to record six more songs and all ten recordings were subsequently released on Gospel LP 3018 in 1963. Despite the strong material, the group only had one more 45 on the Gospel label (#1087, 1964) and it took around six years before the obscure Mo Do label, from the Bibletones’ home town, released two new recordings by the group (Mo Do 112, 1970). Later, the Bibletones also recorded a 45 for Gospel Bright (#708, early 1970’s) and an LP for Gladys (#83, 1970’s-80’s?). James Moore Jr. and Herbert Primm were in the group from the very beginning and wrote most of the (early) material. Other (later?) members include Charles Montgomery.

Today, I’ve added scans of all releases by the Bibletones on the Gospel label; one LP and three 45’s.

gospel1066a-200  gospel1072a-200  gospel1087a-200