Gospel Recording Co. LP 1372

Gospel Pearls: Here We Stand (c. 1964)


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A1Here We Standc. 1964Gospel Recording 501
A2He's Done So Much For Mec. 1964
A3It Is Wellc. 1964
A4God Is Greatc. 1964
A5No Not Onec. 1964
B1He Will Supply Your Needc. 1964
B2Lord Don't Leave Mec. 1964Gospel Recording 501
B3Meet Me Therec. 1964Gospel Recording 1369
B4Bought With A Pricec. 1964
B5At The Crossc. 1964



  • This is not a live album, though the front cover is referring to a tour they did, mentioning “N.Y.C. Worlds Fair”. According to Wikipedia, the fair (“New York World’s Fair”) ran for two six-month seasons, April 22 – October 18, 1964, and April 21 – October 17, 1965. The back cover of this album does not give any additional information about the fair or the tour.
  • The members of the group (as listed on the back cover) were Essie Poole (manager), Terry Jackson, Willaretta Poole, Clarence Dorsey, Henry Key, Ardimiss McCrackin, Benny Torrence and Eugene Blakey (piano). The labels also list Jimmy Shired (organ) and Harold Austin (vibes), who were probably guest musicians during the recording session(s). The labels of Gospel Recording 1369 shows ‘Massey’ as lead singer (Massey & Key on the a-side, and Dorey & Massey on the b-side). As Massey is not mentioned as being part of the personnel, so he/she could be a guest vocalist – or things were messed up a bit, which is very well possible too. The a-side of Gospel Recording 1369 is not featured on this LP.
  • Both 45’s were released as by the Original Gospel Pearls.