Vee-Jay LP 5053

Reverend Maceo Woods: Garden Of Prayer (1963)


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pos. title recorded single
A1 Garden Of Prayer 1953 Vee-Jay 106
A2 Keep Trusting 1953 Vee-Jay 108
A3 Sweeter As The Day Goes By 1953 Vee-Jay 106
A4 Run To Jesus 1953 Vee-Jay 108
A5 I've Got A New Born Soul 1954
A6 There Is No Time To Lose 1954
B1 I'll Be Somewhere Listening 1954
B2 Signs Of Judgment 1956 Vee-Jay 193
B3 No Time To Lose 1956 Vee-Jay 193
B4 If You Miss Me Here 1956 Vee-Jay 242
B5 Have You Heard About Joshua 1956 Vee-Jay 242
B6 Leaning On The Lord 1956



  • Shown is a promo copy of this LP.
  • B5 as “Walls of Jericho” on Vee-Jay 242.
  • A6 as “Jesus Was The One” on the label.
  • B2 as “Signs Of Judgement” on the label.