Vee-Jay LP 5005

Highway QC’s (1959)


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A1;Somewhere To Lay My Head;1955;Vee-Jay 150
A2;Working On The Building;1959;Vee-Jay 873
A3;Behold Thy Mother;1959;Vee-Jay 883
A4;I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This;1956;Vee-Jay 195
A5;I’ll Trust His Word;1956;Vee-Jay 844
A6;Pray;1955;Vee-Jay 150
B1;Child Of God;1959;Vee-Jay 883
B2;The Way Up The Hill;1957;Vee-Jay 853
B3;Something On My Mind;1957;Vee-Jay 853
B4;He Lifted My Burdens;1956;Vee-Jay 195
B5;Count Your Blessings;1959;
B6;Every Man, Woman And Child;1955;