Revival tapes vault


  • Below are all gospel titles which are on the “Downriver Revival” DVD. All recordings were taken from the original tapes. A number of songs found their way to a 45rpm release, others didn’t. No efforts have been made to figure this all out.
  • The numbers given in the first column below come from the numbering that is being shown in Windows Media Player; there are three chapters (shelves), numbered 1 – 3, containing the tapes which are not separately numbered. The songs do have a number though; “3-32” f.i. means chapter 3, song 32.
  • There are many songs untitled. Where I could figure out the possible song title, it’s given between parenthesis.





Apostles Of Music
2-39Look Where He Brought Us From
2-40Wade In The Water
2-41Look Where He Brought Us From (mix)
2-42Wade In The Water (mix)
3-30Motherless Child
3-31Look Where He Brought Us From (instr.)
3-32Wade In The Water (instr.)
Coleman Family
1-75People Has It Hard
1-76Peace On Earth
Calvin Cooke
1-48Untitled 1 (I Want To Go To Heaven)
1-50Untitled 2 (The Rains Came Down)
1-51Untitled 3 (Since I Laid My Heavy Burden Down)
2-10Walk With Me 1
2-11Walk With Me 2
2-12Walk With Me 3
2-13What Happens To Them All
3-33Walk With Me
3-34What Happens To People
Deliverance Echoes
1-91Have A Little Talk With Jesus
Gospel Supremes
2-17Sinner Man
2-18Sweet Home
Shirley Ann Lee
1-33Consider Me
1-34You've Been Good To Me
1-36Blessed Quietness
1-38How Can I Lose
1-40You Better Run
1-42Please Accept My Prayer
1-44Stop Look And Listen
1-45Get Right
1-46Blessed Assurance
1-65Stop Look And Listen
1-66I Shall Not Be Moved
1-81Get Back
1-82Untitled 1 (It Makes No Difference What The People Say)
1-83Untitled 2 (All That I Am Lord)
2-19Can't Give Up
2-20How Can I Lose
2-21There's A Light
2-22Please Accept My Prayers
2-43I Shall Not Be Moved
2-76Untitled 1
2-77Untitled 2
2-78Deliver Me
2-79Untitled 3 (Oh Lord, I Need You)
2-50There's A Light
2-51Blessed Quietness
2-52My Faith Is In Thee
2-53Everything Gonna Be Alright
2-54Please Accept My Prayer
3-5Can't Give Up
3-10Get Back
3-12Get Back (Take 2)
3-13Please Accept My Prayer
3-15I Shall Not Be Moved
3-16The World Is Not My Home
3-17Without God
3-18Stop Look And Listen
3-19Without God
3-20My Faith
3-21I Shall Not Be Moved
3-22Electric Sitar Doodle
Mighty Gospel Harmoniers
1-30Lord I'm So Glad
1-31I Don't Have To Cry No More
2-2Lord I'm So Glad
2-3My Jesus Is All And All
2-4I Don't Have To Cry No More
2-5I Will Walk Around In Glory
Mighty Voices Of Wonder
1-5Every Year Carries A Number
1-6Every Year Carries A Number (take 2)
1-7I Thank The Lord
Charles Miles
Miles Choir
2-74Untitled 1 (I'll Go Where You Want me To Go)
2-75Untitled 2
Mt. Zion Choir
1-8Untitled 1
1-9Untitled 2 (Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled)
1-10Untitled 3
1-11Reverse Tape Bleed Cacophony
2-14Untitled 1 (If You Trust And Never Doubt)
2-15Untitled 2
2-16Untitled 3 (Do You Love My Jesus)
Newsome Singers
1-84Untitled 1 (There Will Be Peace For All Of God's Children)
1-85Untitled 2 (Jesus Is Coming)
1-86Untitled 3 (God Has A Way That Is Sweet)
Pendleton Special
2-55Nothing Too Hard
2-56Untitled (There's A Leak In This Old Building)
Pilgrim Wonders
1-2Untitled 1 (Saviour Don't You Pass Me)
1-3Untitled 2 (Saviour Don't You Pass Me)
1-4Untitled 3 (He Never Failed)
2-23New Born Soul
2-24He Never Failed
Isaac Prince Singers
1-12Time Not Long
1-13Yes We Can
2-44Marvelous Name, Part 1
2-45Marvelous Name, Part 2
3-2Take Care Of Us
3-3I Know A Man
E.G. Robinson
1-67Looking To The Hills
1-68Stay With Me
Auditions (E.G. Robinson?)
1-52Untitled 1 (Is Your All On The Altar)
1-53Untitled 2 (That's Why I Call Him Up)
1-54Untitled 3 (Looking To The Hills)
1-55Beautiful Garden
Unknown Choir
2-70Praise God
2-71Beautiful Garden
Voices Of Deliverance
1-69Wait On The Lord
1-71The Power Of God (1972)
1-72Show Me The Way Lord
2-46Untitled 1
2-47Untitled 2
2-48Untitled 3
2-49Untitled 4